We offer the world's finest exotic Rum Cakes , known traditionally in the Caribbean as fruitcake. Our Rum Cakes are made with only fresh ingredients using an authentic Caribbean recipe . Baked in slow ovens, our cakes are shipped directly to you and can last for up to 1 year without refrigeration. Our cakes make the perfect gift for any special occasion!
The perfect gift for anytime, any reason, any season...

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Angie's Banana Rum Cakes now being served at Charlie Brown's

Angie's Banana Rum Cake

Angie's Rum Cake
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Black Rum Cake
Brown Rum Cake

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History of the Rum Cake

How It All Began


Steeped in History as well as in Rum!

t is believed that what we refer to today as the "Caribbean Rum Cake" was brought to the Islands by English settlers in the mid-seventeenth century and modified by the Africans who arrived in that region during the slave trade. Thus, their "English pudding" gradually evolved into our Rum Cake. Somewhere along the way, the cooking method changed from steaming to baking and the ingredients used were slightly altered. Rum Cakes are very popular in the Caribbean at Christmas, and always served at weddings and christenings. The Caribbean Rum Cake is also known as Caribbean Fruitcake or, by the addition of burnt sugar, "Black Cake."

The Tradition Lives On...

ven today, throughout the Caribbean region, Rum Cakes are still baked the old fashioned way using recipes handed down from mothers to daughters over the past century—and prepared by hand using only the finest, all-natural ingredients. Not your run-of-the-mill, ho-hum "chunky" fruitcake that most of us are familiar with, our Caribbean Rum Cake uses finely ground raisins, prunes and cherries which have been steeped for months in premium rum and wine. Nutritionally dense and rich in fiber, these exceptional cakes are a taste treat that is also good for you!

t Caribbean Cake Connoisseurs, we carry on that home-baked tradition by using only the freshest ingredients in our cakes. They are slowly baked to perfection at low temperatures in order to bring out all the rich taste our cakes are famous for. This slow baking is part of the secret to the smoothness found in our cakes and it also ensures a cake that will maintain a pleasantly moist, fresh texture for many months. (Our larger cakes have a shelf life of 1 year, while miniatures and rum loaves can last for 3 and 6 months respectively. The rum itself is the only preservative we ever use.)

Why Our Cakes Are Special . . .Great-Grandmother's Secret Ingredient

ut it is our special "finishing touch" that sets the taste of our cakes apart from the rest. Caribbean Cake Connoisseurs uses a generations old, "secret" family recipe for the final flavor-drenched step whereby a sweetly spirited concoction is carefully hand-brushed on each cake just before final packaging. Not just another rum-bath, this Caribbean Cake Connoisseurs exclusive ingredient smooths out the flavors for a heady yet subtle taste sensation you'll have to experience for yourself to believe!

Perfect for Every Occasion!

ur cakes are nestled securely in elegant reusable tins either for yourself or for simply perfect gift giving.

Whichever you choose, we guarantee you a cake that is fresh, moist and loaded with flavor for an unforgettable, totally authentic Caribbean experience!

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