We offer the world's finest exotic Rum Cakes , known traditionally in the Caribbean as fruitcake. Our Rum Cakes are made with only fresh ingredients using an authentic Caribbean recipe . Baked in slow ovens, our cakes are shipped directly to you and can last for up to 1 year without refrigeration. Our cakes make the perfect gift for any special occasion!
The perfect gift for anytime, any reason, any season...

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Angie's Banana Rum Cakes now being served at Charlie Brown's

Angie's Banana Rum Cake

Angie's Rum Cake
Request a free Miniature Rum Cake and pay only for Shipping & Handling. Choose from any of our authentic tropical flavors for a real rum taste:

Black Rum Cake
Brown Rum Cake

Order now, offer ends soon
Shipping & Handling $7.99


Fund Raising


Here's A Great Fund Raising Opportunity for Your Organization!

CARIBBEAN CAKE CONNOISSEURS INC. can help to increase the annual funding of your organization utilizing our fund raising program, through effortless sales of Angie's Flavored Rum Cakes, Caribbean Black Cakes and Brown Cakes.

We understand your increasing need to continually raise funds for your organization.

Enrolling in a partnership with Caribbean Cake Connoisseurs can offer your organization many benefits these include:

  • Cakes that are the perfect gift for any time, any reason and any season,
  • Help through sales in assisting you in meeting financial and budgetary goals in a timely and easy manner.
  • The ability to sell our cakes with very little effort.
  • Delivery of all cake products direct to each purchaser
  • Eliminating the need to lug around heavy boxes of products
  • Cakes which have a shelf life of one year and exceptionally good taste!
  • Products which arrive in decorative reusable tins

The holidays are fast approaching!
Call us Now to find out more about our moist, delicious cakes as your Fundraiser.
Let us show you how your organization can maximize Your Profit with Angie's Caribbean Black & Brown Cakes!

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